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Iconic 3D provides 3d architectural rendering services to enhance your presentations and bring your ideas to life. We specialize in computer generated design services and virtual interactive experiences


METKA Mobile Power Plant

Engineering visualization presentation of a Mobile Power Plant facility. METKA’s fast-track power solutions deliver reliable power to remote areas in just a few weeks. The presentation covers both the construction and operational phase of such a project and highlights its financial, environmental and social advantages.

Bakery Manufacturing Plant & Logistics Center

Arch-Viz presentation of a Bakery Manufacturing Plant in Slovakia. With the utilization of digital compositing techniques the proposed structure is seamlessly blended into the landscape of the project’s actual location. A look into the future with the help of computer generated 3d visualization technology.

Municipal & Public projects - Advantages of 3D Architectural & Engineering Visualization

Large scale public projects require the synergy of designers, manufacturers and individuals in order for different goals, needs and ideas to blend together into a community landmark for the years to come. 3D Architectural Visualization dynamically extends the limits and capabilities of traditional planning presentations. Creating and sharing information becomes easier and decision making is reshaped into an interactive and inclusive endeavour.

Palaio Faliro, Athens - Batis Recreation Area

Arch-Viz project in collaboration with the Paleo Faliro Municipality, introducing the new Batis district recreation area. Aerial footage of existing and future state of the location are blended together in a seamless result, highlighting the aesthetic and functional improvements planned.

Reciprocating Engines Power Plant

Engineering visualization presentation of a Reciprocating Engines Power Plant. An efficient and sound solution for power generation in centralized or remote locations, METKA’s Reciprocating Engines Power Plant design provides high efficiency in open cycle configuration, fuel flexibility and easy installation, operation and maintenance.

Cape Sounio, Poseidon Temple 3D Historical Reconstruction

Have you ever wondered what ancient Greece looked like? Walk-through the Poseidon Temple in Cape Sounio in this historical reconstruction and visualization project. Poseidon Temple is one of the most important archeological sites in Attica, 65 kilometers southeast of Athens. The project highlights the site’s rich cultural heritage and illustrates its historical continuity.

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